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You finally managed to get on a nauticrawl unit, everyone in the underworld can only dream of it! Few can get a glimpse of its brass and leather finishes before it leaves the hot foundries where it is assembled with the sweat of the workers class.
No matter how you managed to sneak in, now it's your chance to escape through the forbidden surface, a land long abandoned by your kind.
This world can only be explored through this mysterious machine, even just a second outside would find you mashed by the heavy atmosphere surrounding the planet.

Too bad you don't belong to any noble house, and without the proper training you are more likely to die in that cockpit than you were in the rotten gutters of the underworld!

~ 20'000 Atmospheres ~ 

A Jules Verne meets Frank Herbert story set in a dystopian reality.
A unique dungeon crawling experience where the player is challenged to imagine a ruined world through the screens of a mysterious machine, learn how to control it and attempt a desperate escape.


Currently in development, keep up on twitter:  @nauticrawl
A game by @andreintg
Petscii art by @Polyducks

This game will be published by Armor Game Studios

Get in touch: aplusbgames@gmail.com

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This game looks great, really looking forward to giving it a shot! Any word on a release date or possible demo?



Hi Joel, I just got back in the Nauticrawl, first prologue coming soon, then who knows : )

Awesome, can't wait!