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Galumph is a tool to draw 3D models, in 2D.
It's inspired by VR paint apps, but it doesn't need any headset, you just draw with your mouse or graphic pen, easy!

Galumph saves out standard 3d models and uses FBX as its only file format, just save your sketch and import it in your 3d app, game engine, or post it on sketchfab and share it online! 

Galumph is under active development, you can also follow the updates on twitter @galumphApp , or have a chat on discord discord.gg/NqrF5Q .

This tool is made by Andrea Interguglielmi, on his spare time and with the infinite love and patience of his ever supportive family, he mostly talks about video games, get in touch @andreintg !

Updated 11 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorAndrea Interguglielmi
Tagsdoodle, drawing, sketch, tool


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